Why Zeolite Should Be Your New Nutritional Supplement

Are you looking for a new nutritional supplement to help boost your health and well-being? Why not try zeolite, then?

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a type of volcanic mineral found to have profound effects on a person’s health. More and more scientific evidence reveals the life-changing health of zeolite, from helping with detoxification to strengthening the immune system. 

Zeolite is a type of volcanic mineral that has profound effects on a person’s health

Zeolite is also the world’s only substance that promotes the effective cleansing of an extensive variety of toxins from the body, making it an ultimate game changer as far as supplements are concerned. 

If you are interested to learn more about the powerful effects of zeolites, the following are the top health benefits of taking such a high-quality nutritional supplement all supported by science. 

It Promotes the Alkalization of the Body 

One of the well-known benefits of zeolites is the fact that it balances the pH level of the body by supporting kidney function and providing the necessary alkalizing minerals at the same time. 

Most foods that people eat right now tend to form acid in the body, such as rice, white bread, and other processed foods. Green vegetables, on the other hand, can alkalize the body. Pollution, pesticides, alcohol, and chronic stress can all add to the body’s acidity. 

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An extremely acidic body tends to show signs of strain including headaches, persistent fatigue, mood disorders, and chronic inflammation, just to mention a few. 

Alkalizing minerals can help buffer the body’s acid. Different alkalizing minerals including magnesium, potassium, and calcium are found within honeycomb cages in a properly cleansed zeolite. The zeolite cage is responsible for giving the body the essential mineral and in exchange, it takes away the bad toxin. 

The primary role of zeolites in alkalizing the body has something to do with how it supports the kidneys. Remember that your kidneys are responsible for maintaining your internal pH levels. Sadly, this function can be impaired because of the presence of various heavy metals. 

Since zeolite eliminates these heavy metals, this nutritional supplement can support better kidney health. As a result, your kidneys will be more efficient in maintaining the pH balance of your body. 

Zeolite is the Ultimate Master Detoxifier

You can find toxins anywhere and everywhere you go, from the food you eat to the air you breathe. These toxins will all build up in your body over time, wreaking havoc on your overall health and well-being. 

A weaker immune system, brain fog, constant fatigue, and numerous health problems are some of the most common signs of serious toxin buildup in the body. It makes it essential to always cleanse away these toxins as soon as possible. 

Zeolite is the Ultimate Master Detoxifier

Zeolites have proven to be highly effective and efficient in eliminating accumulated toxins from the body.

But worry no more because zeolites are here as your ultimate master detoxifier, all thanks to their distinct crystalline structure that looks like a honeycomb. 

Just so you know, every chamber in the honeycomb-like structure of zeolites contains a negative charge. The negative charge can attract positively-charged toxins such as nitrosamines, mercury, and lead. 

You can try to think of zeolite as an effective magnet for toxins. It means that once you take a carefully cleansed zeolite nutritional supplement, it will travel all over your body and trap the toxins within the magnetized honeycomb cage. 

Since the body can’t store zeolites, it will only secrete them after it binds to a toxin. This is why zeolites are extremely effective and efficient when it comes to the removal of toxin buildup in your body. 

It Lifts Your Mood 

Once heavy metals like mercury and lead accumulate in the body, these will also have negative effects o your mood. A study even discovered that the mercury content of amalgam dental fillings can cause excessive anger, anxiety problems, and even depression. 

Most of the time, these problems are often shrugged off as the result of a stressful life or even a chemical imbalance rather than heavy metals. This is because most signs of accumulation of heavy metal tend to be vague and even often mistaken for a completely different thing. 

Life itself already has its share of stress so you don’t need heavy metals to make you feel sadder. By reducing the heavy metal buildup, zeolites can lift your mood. 

It Offers the Body Protection from Dangerous Microbes

Zeolite is a potent antimicrobial, which means it can fight off potentially dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

Zeolites are extremely effective and these are also used for the treatment of formations of dental plaque and urinary tract infections or UTIs, both conditions being the result of pathogenic microbes. 

A study discovered that zeolites have antiviral properties thanks to their potential ability to absorb viral particles in the zeolite cages. Some studies also discovered that zeolites can lower pathogenic bacteria. The nutritional supplement is even better because it doesn’t negatively affect your gut’s beneficial microbes. 

It Makes Your Immune System Stronger 

Evidence also suggests that zeolite clinoptilolite can regulate and bolster your immune system. This specific zeolite has been shown to boost T-cell activity and enhance the number of the body’s macrophages. These two cells are both critical for a healthier immune function. 

However, the benefits of zeolites for the immune system don’t just end there. The different heavy metals can suppress the immune system, which can make your body prone to autoimmune problems and defenseless against pathogens. 

It means that zeolites don’t only make your immune system more effective as it also protects it from heavy metals at the same time. 

It Supports a Healthier Gut

Once the intestinal wall lining has increased permeability, a leaky gut can occur. It allows unwanted microbes and toxins to leak into the bloodstream from the intestines. It results in excessive fatigue, a weakened immune system, skin rashes, intense cravings for carbohydrates or sugar, and even depression. 

All these symptoms will only worsen over time if your leaky gut doesn’t heal. The good news is that studies reveal that zeolites can support a healthier gut. Evidence shows that supplementation of zeolite for just 12 weeks can significantly improve the intestinal wall’s integrity. 

Start using a good quality zeolite nutritional supplement today and enjoy all these exciting benefits!

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