Ways to Increase the Number of Earthworms in Your Garden Soil

Earthworms are organisms that we all know. Majority of us, when we were younger, were introduced to that slimy and gooey things and we learned either to like or dislike them. Other names given to this creature are fisherman’s friend, gardener’s buddy and earth diggers’ delight. Earthworms are generally loved by most people. Earthworms are of various types ranging from red wigglers to night crawlers. Earthworms have long been characterized with healthy and productive soil.…

Bees Suffer in Urban Environments, According to New Study

Bees that live in heavily-populated areas like cities are exposed to disease at a higher rate than those who live in rural or suburban environments.

It’s expected that a certain degree of stress is involved for humans living in a city environment. Perhaps it’s the air pollution that can affect a person, or how crowded the city is, or how expensive it can be. It may seem obvious that city life has these effects of people, but what we may only now have started learning is that this stress takes a toll on bees as well.…

Using Sound Instead of Chemicals to Deal With Pests

Scientists have created a clever device that mimics the cry of a major pest to orange trees in Florida.

These small insects could spell disaster to your ability to enjoy breakfast.

Diaphorina citri (the Asian citrus psyllid), a citrus pest that gobbles away at the leaves of orange trees, is wreaking havoc in Florida’s citrus industry, costing them over three billion dollars in a span of only six years. Though the pest itself does little to harm orange trees, the germs that it carries certainly do, and once a plant is infected, its leaves will begin to die until, within …

One Of The U.S. Biggest Urban Farms Will Be Built In Detroit

There are a ton of urban possibilities in Detroit. It is no secret. There is no other place in the country that has such a grand infrastructure. Detroit has so much city-owned and delinquent land that urban farms are popping up on every corner. Farmers are coming from all over to be a part of the movement. There is a plan in place to make the world’s largest urban farm. However, Mayor Duggan (the mayor of Detroit) just announced an even bigger project: a $15 million, 60-acre urban farm.…

It Is Pumpkin Season – How to Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds is one of the favorite fall traditions for a lot of family, and there are also a number of health benefits to eating pumpkin seeds. Some recent studies have shown that pumpkin seeds can help lower your risk of developing kidney problems and diabetes. They also have high levels of magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and other important nutrients. Plus, they’re easy to make at home!

US Veterans Will Be Feeding America

There are approximately 200,000 active service members who will be receiving training and necessary resources to begin careers in agriculture as they transition out of the military.

This will mean trading in tanks for tractors, and their combat boots for rubber boots. This is all due to the agriculturally-focused career programs that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is creating.

Organic Farmers Aware: Who Can Afford GMO Contamination?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released their latest data collected from the organic farming sector in the end of Septembre. Their data was collected from a number of organic farmers during this year. The results have confirmed what many organic farmers have already been saying, that although organic sales are going up, the amount of organic farms is going down. Sadly, this pattern is a familiar one throughout the world and has been sparking a number of discussions throughout the organic communities.

Sustaining Farms with Supermarket Food Waste

This is a California company that diverts a great many pounds of wasted food from landfills and onto farmlands without time-consuming composting strategies.

You don’t need to dumpster dive before you realize that supermarkets divert a constant flow of uneaten nourishment to landfills.

When it gets dumped, the waste accomplishes more than smell terrible. It likewise adds to environmental change by discharging methane, a greenhouse gas, which is about 30 times stronger than carbon-dioxide. Actually, landfills are pegged the third biggest supply of methane emanations in the U.S., as per the Environmental Protection Agency (a major cause the USDA as …