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You can’t emphasize enough the importance of water being known to the fact that 60% of the human body is water. It is essential for temperature regulation, maintenance of all bodily functions, managing weight, providing energy and most importantly, facilitating energy production, i.e. the digestive system of our body. Keeping in view the increasing pollution on the planet Earth, all these functions can be best facilitated by the mineral water today. It is beneficial for digestion and crucial for the maintenance of good health.

Donat Mg Mineral Water

The importance associated with the provision of pure and healthy water for humanity compelled Donat Mg to come forward with our mineral water that has clinically proven effects due to the following reasons.

Donat Mg Mineral Water
Donat Mg helps the digestive process

Gift of Nature

This mineral water is not processed in laboratories, rather it is a true gift from nature. According to a legend story the winged horse Pegasus was flying over Slovenia while the stroke of its hoof resulted in the eruption of a spring. And this spring is granting the world with the best of its treasures: the pure healthy water.

Donat Mg is available in different bottles sizes
Donat Mg is available in bottles of 0.5l, 0.75l, and 1.0l

The importance of water was figured out in the time of Celts and ancient Romans. Later the chemical properties of the water were investigated by Maribor doctor J. B. Gründel that made it the third most popular mineral water across the globe.  We have decided to fill the bottles straight from that spring to bring you the aqua filled with health.

Level of Magnesium

Donat Mg is natural mineral water that contains magnesium, sodium, hydro-carbonates, and sulfate. This mineral water has more magnesium than any other mineral water. Magnesium facilitates more than 300 biochemical process which makes it an immensely important mineral present in the human body.

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It helps the digestive process, muscles functioning and heart contraction, etc. Donat Mg has this distinguishing feature that 3dcl of it has 300 mg of magnesium that is equal to the magnesium provided by ten bananas. 

Digestion Stimulation

This level of magnesium has an immense role in balancing the 38 million bacteria in the digestive tract. The unique combination of magnesium and sulfate ions is the secret to this active digestion. The sulfate absorbed the excessive water from the intestine to reduce its content up to 5 times and then magnesium relaxes the muscles to facilitate sulfate to stimulate peristalsis. Donat Mg mineral water is highly recommended to the people struggling with slow digestion or other intestinal complexities to make your digestive system smoother and efficient.

Available in Different Sizes and Shapes

Donat Mg is available in bottles of different sizes and shapes. You can get a 0.5l, 0.75l, and 1.0l bottle, whichever suits your space or style. 

Donat Mg mineral water has remained in the lap of nature for thousands of years before it sprang to the surface. Who can better know the composition of water than nature itself? This mineral water is a gift from motherly nature to grant all the required minerals to your body that it needs to function at its best.


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