A Lot in Wyoming Will be one of the World’s First Vertical Farms

A conveyor belt design allows a three-story greenhouse to be efficient and sustainable which provides jobs and fresh produce to the Jackson community.

Jackson, Wyoming is a very unlikely place for urban farming. It has an altitude over a mile high and has snow that can last for most of the year. The growing season lasts only a few months. It is expensive to plant a garden since the average vacant lot can be well over $1 million.…

Tiny Farm (VIDEO)

This is a short video about two young women who planted a small organic farm on a borrowed half-acre plot outside Athens, Georgia.  Half-acre is really tiny farm, more like a big garden.

Within six months of farming, they started to sell their harvest to the local weekly farmer’s market. Although they don’t consider this as a business. They really enjoy community around farming.

You Can Grow Food in the Snow

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com made a special trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he visited Growing Power owned by Will Allen.

John made this video to show  how YOU CAN GROW and what to grow in winter time (and in the snow).…