A different taste of urban farming in L.A.

At the Jonathon Club downtown, some people took it hard when a paddle tennis court on the fifth-floor was changed to gem lettuce, Swiss chard, and micro greens.

Executive Chef Jason McClain was thrilled. This should be no surprise. His father is a retired landscape architect and flew in from Alabama to build the garden. They installed rows of galvanized horse troughs in which vegetables and herbs now grow.…

A Lot in Wyoming Will be one of the World’s First Vertical Farms

A conveyor belt design allows a three-story greenhouse to be efficient and sustainable which provides jobs and fresh produce to the Jackson community.

Jackson, Wyoming is a very unlikely place for urban farming. It has an altitude over a mile high and has snow that can last for most of the year. The growing season lasts only a few months. It is expensive to plant a garden since the average vacant lot can be well over $1 million.…

Tiny Farm (VIDEO)

This is a short video about two young women who planted a small organic farm on a borrowed half-acre plot outside Athens, Georgia.  Half-acre is really tiny farm, more like a big garden.

Within six months of farming, they started to sell their harvest to the local weekly farmer’s market. Although they don’t consider this as a business. They really enjoy community around farming.