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6 Best Ideas How To Extend The Garden Harvest

Below are some tips to help you eat from your garden throughout the year. I am going to show you how to extend the season and grow food even when the temperatures begin to drop.

As the summer growing season comes to an end, gardeners are left to wonder how they may be able to continue harvesting fresh food. There is no reason to think that winter yields are impossible. In fact, with careful planning and some luck from the weather, growers can enjoy their garden throughout the entire year. Below are some tips to extend the growing season and …

How to Grow Your Own Turmeric

Turmeric has been hailed as a superfood, and for good reason. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that mean it can be used for cleaning wounds, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for people who have pain caused by arthritis. In fact, there are over 600 estimated preventative applications for turmeric as well as 175 different physiological benefits. For those who want to limit the pharmaceutical drugs they use, turmeric may be able to replace ibuprofen among others.…

Swiss Chard: Easy to Grow and So Very Healthy

You’ve probably often heard of the importance of including leafy green vegetables in your diet, and so you’ve probably also heard of Swiss chard. Because of its relationship to beets, it is also known as leaf beet. It not only has the same nutritional value as spinach, but it is also much easier to grow. Swiss chard contains 300 times the daily recommended value of vitamin K per cup in addition to being high in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, potassium, and dietary fiber.

10 Citrus Trees That Can be Grown In a Pot

You can have a sunnier winter if you decide to grow one of these bright citrus plants indoors during the winter season.

With a suitable soil, adequate nourishing, the proper pot, protection from the cold, and a sunny indoor window, any gardener will be able to grow citrus in a container year-round successfully. As a matter of fact, various citrus, as well as dwarf citrus species, bloom, fruit or flower during the cold months, joyfully cheering many up in a cold winter.…

Leaf Composting Guide

Why Use Leaves For Composting

Did you know that the leaves from just one big tree may be worth up to $50 in plant food? Pound for pound, leaves have twice as many nutrients as manure, which means you’re wasting a valuable resource if you don’t compost your leaves. Leaves contain important plant nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

10 Reasons You Should Have Backyard Chickens

A number of both suburban and urban families have begun to add a small flock of chickens to their backyard. Even though most people love the convenience of living in a big city, they also love the idea of living the simple farming life, and bringing chickens into your household is the perfect way to do that.

People raise chickens in suburbs and big cities for a number of reasons, and knowing all the benefits it can provide you with is a great place to start on your own quest to bring a bit of the simple life into your …

Why I Dropped Out of Business School to be an Organic Farmer

 A woman 20 something years of age explains why she left college to embrace her true passion in the countryside outside Atlanta.

I may not look like your average farmer, and honestly, it surprises a lot of people to hear that I am one. But, I’m not your average farmer, so I’m okay with that.

Although some have guessed that I inherited farming from my family, the truth is that I was raised in Michigan suburbs and my farming experience was limited to helping my grandpa and dad in the yard, a couple of cherry-picking excursions, and keeping some herbs …

A different taste of urban farming in L.A.

At the Jonathon Club downtown, some people took it hard when a paddle tennis court on the fifth-floor was changed to gem lettuce, Swiss chard, and micro greens.

Executive Chef Jason McClain was thrilled. This should be no surprise. His father is a retired landscape architect and flew in from Alabama to build the garden. They installed rows of galvanized horse troughs in which vegetables and herbs now grow.…